Saturday, December 29, 2007


My Friday went a little something like this...

--woke up over and over again through out the night coughing my lungs out. Had to double up on cough meds just to settle down.
--woke up late and in a fog thanks to said cough meds.
--laid in bed for an hour trying to remember my name and where I was. OK, maybe that is a bit of a hyperbole, but it is semi-accurate.
--made the boy some breakfast, let the dog out to pee, made and ate some breakfast myself, took a bath, dried hair, and finally made it to the girl's room.
--found the girl in not one, but two, dried up pools of vomit. Got her cleaned up.
--fussed over and over at the boy to get dressed as I am battling a sick two year old to put on her shirt.
--gathered the last of the "big" Christmas boxes and discarded wrapping paper piles into the back of the van so that it can get to the trash dump sometime in 2007.
--stepped back outside with both kids to realize it is now raining buckets. We have no umbrella.
--struggled to get the van door open in the rain, with a fussing baby and a hyper 6 year old who insisted on bringing the dog with him.
--finally, got into the van and got everyone into their seats. Got soaking wet while the girl fusses about taking off her coat.
--realized that the car battery is, in fact, dead. Now it makes sense why the sliding door would not slide.
--sat in the car, defeated, and waited for the rain to stop. Explained to the children that we cannot go anywhere cause the car battery is dead.
--Rushed back inside during a rain lull to realize we really didn't have any food for lunch since I have not been to the grocery store since before Christmas.

(Did I mention this was all just the first 2 hours of my day?)

--Sat down to start work. I will sit at my computer for the next 5 hours trying to balance job duties and parenting--which I am expected to do simulatneously and seamlessly.
--answered a work phone call while stopping the girl from pulling the dog's tail. Try to muffle the sound of her disappointment through the headset.
--figured out that we have rolls in the freezer. Took a discreet moment to fix small, but palatible sandwiches--complimented by goldfish crackers.
--watched three hours pass as the boy learned to ride his razor scooter (a new Christmas present) in circles inside the house. Offered lots of praise and took several deep breaths as he got faster and faster.
--Put the girl down for nap. She is happy as long as she has at least 3 toys, 5 books, 3 blankets, 1 water sippy, 1 light, and music.
--Argued with the boy that he cannot keep Cartoon Network on all day long and asked him to please watch PBS or soemthing more educational. His answer to this was to play games on the computer at I am working again and do not notice. He knows this.
--Finally, I can log out of work only to realize that the boy is on the computer playing at This oversight is now corrected.
--Got 10 minutes of floor exercise as I watched Oprah. This is interrupted by a razor scooter rolling precariously close to my head. I got up.
--Straightend up the house. Sweept the floors.
--Started making pizzas for dinner. One is a special 3 cheese pizza for the boy--a very picky eater.
--We all sat down to dinner. The boy announced he no longer likes yelow cheeses and will not be eating his dinner. The girl is apparently still ill and not at all interested in eating pizza. I, for one, like my pizza, so I eat mine and theirs.
--The Techno Geek is now home. We are instructed by the girl that we must sit in the floor of the kitchen as he eats. She is going to put in a singing show.
--The boy continued zooming the house on his razor scooter. He has tricks to show his father.
--The girl asks for and recieves a bath.
--The boy did not ask for his bath, but got one anyway. Meanwhile, I swept the floor for a second time.
--With time to spare, we started to watch the Planet Earth DVD. We picked the Mountains episode. I struggled to stay awake. The Techo Geek took a nice deep nap. The boy rode his scooter.
--Bedtime for children. This blur of demands and pleads took over an hour.
--used my nettipot. No, it is not drugs. It is a sinus cleanser. You literally pour water from one side of your nose out the other. Not pleasant, but is really nice after the fact.
--Watched Lost Season 3 bonus materials. Learned that Desmond was having Deja Vu--only backwards.
--Midnight--climbed into bed with my humidifier running and took another dose of my cough meds. Bracing myself to do it all again on Saturday.

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