Monday, January 7, 2008

Week late and a dollar short we are a full week into 2008 and I am just now getting around to putting these in mental concrete. What can I say? So far 2008 is as physically draining and emotionally futile as 2007. But I am a optimist damnit! So here I am--making THE LIST.

I resolve to go green. Not jealous....not Incredible Hulk....not Jolly Green Giant....and not rich. I want to learn more about toxin free living and try to adopt it into my lifestyle as much as possible.

I resolve to learn more about advocacy and Special Ed rights. The boy has been speech delayed and sensory seeking since he was one. Now that he is in First Grade the word Asperger's is floating about. We are still waiting for an official diagnosis from a developmental pediatrician. But in the meantime, I want to advocate for my son in the face of a unsympathetic (indeed PATHETIC) school and staff.

I resolve to go on two family vacations. I also made this promise last year and went on three. *wink*

I resolve to grow a herb garden.

I resolve to go to an allergist sometime this year and start immunotherapy shots again.

Well, I could go on, but much more than 5 and I really start to get predictable and let's face it--just in denial. I will never promise myself that this will be my year to loose weight and stop eating chocolate. Or that I will never say another cuss word. Or that I will give up my Cokes and Dr. Peppers--nectar of the Gods. I could say that I will live my life to its fullest and enjoy what I have, but in reality, I will use those cuss words, chocolate and sodas to soothe over the daily stress. Life is just stressful and there is nothing you can do about it. For right now, I will resolve to sit on my fat arse and write about it!

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