Wednesday, December 12, 2007

1,2,3, Feisty child

I am in my room hanging curtains when the girl waddles in offering to help. "I help!" she states--believing that she can actually reach the top of the window sill with the 5 pound drill in hand and install the rod with ease. In my usual survival mode, I look for an out. I am most definitely a flight not fight kind of girl. The problem was, I had just cleaned my room and had none of the usual tools of distraction. Just as I was starting to prep myself for a battle of the wills, the Today show (of all things) offered up a distraction of tremendous magnitude. Like an early Christmas gift! Let me back track...

A few months ago, the Techno Geek (aka the Husband) downloaded a little ditty by a group named Feist called "1,2,3,4." Long ago we lost track of how many times the girl would dance to this song. "Again!" she cries each time it goes off. She waddles around the house humming the tune to herself. She will ask the Techno Geek to go downstairs with her to his lair just to play this one song over and over again. And it never grows old.

Fast forward a couple of months and "1,2,3,4" has caught the attention if the Powers That Be at Apple--enlisting the very catchy tune for its IPod campaign. Fast forward through several more girl dances and you have yourself at this morning--in my room--shushing the girl and telling her a surprise was coming on tv. "A supise?" she repeats. "Listen!" I say--covering the drill with a old tshirt.

A familiar beat, a little different as most live versions are, but familiar none the less. Que the singer--ahhhh! Immediate recognition! Instantly her little legs start bouncing. Arms start waving. She starts spinning and bouncing on my bed,diving onto my pillows and jumping back up again to sing the song she loves so much. I have to admit, I danced and sang too. After all, that is one catchy tune.

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