Saturday, December 15, 2007

I'm old enough to be his mom!

So a couple of months ago, my family is eating at CiCi's Pizza ("Welcome to Cici's!") when I realized the kid behind the bar is staring at me. Now, I say kid, but I don't mean snot nosed, diaper wearing, lollipop eating KID--I mean full fledged, hormone laden teenager. Feeling a little self conscious, I put down my salad tongs and give him a look back as if to challenge him in a stare war.

Kid: Oh! You really freaked me out.
Me: Really? (Now feeling a bit more self conscious)
Kid: You look just like my mom! I was about to ask you what you were doing here!
Me: hehehe (my fake laugh) really?
Kid: Yeah! You have the same hair and glasses and everything. Wow that is really weird!
Me: Yeah....strange.....

At that moment I realized it. Plain as day. It doesn't matter that I know how long Nicole Richie spent in jail or even who Nicole Richie is. Or that I know what Brittany was up to last night because I read all the celeb gossip sites. It doesn't even matter that I can sing along with Kanye or that I own a Wii and can actually make a decent score on it. And it certainly doesn't matter that I can recite lines from almost every episode of The Office. (did I mention yet that is my favorite show ever??? But I digress) All that is real is that I look old enough to be a teenager's Mom!

When did this happen? Someone give my my iPod and my chocolate already. I need a nap!

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