Friday, December 7, 2007

Shimmering Lights

From the corner of my eye, I could see my Christmas tree lights blinking. "Since when have I have blinking lights on my tree?" I thought to myself. Yeah, I don't. In reality, it was the girl shaking the tree as she scooted her small 2 year old body behind it. Once I got her out without toppling the tree, I realized this Christmas is going to be very fun, but very challenging. Will she open all of the presents? Will the ornaments stay on the tree? Will she try to pull the tree with her in the same manner she does the dog by her tail? Only time will tell.

The boy is on his 6th Christmas (well, 7th as he was only 4 months old for his first Christmas). He got to put the star on the tree this year--a sign of his littlemanhood. I was amazed he still cared after spending the last hour running around the tree stand playing peek-a-boo behind the trees. It was sweet to hear the laughter of a brother and his sister dashing around trees and trying desperately to enjoy a task most find cumbersome. The boy--a stickler for not changing tradition--had originally protested getting a real tree this year--saying that he wanted the tree we always use. However, when the lights were strung, the ornaments hung and the star atop, we turned the lights out and they marveled.

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