Thursday, April 29, 2010

Out of the mouths of babes

I did not know that...The Girl: "Don't you know vagina is Spanish for bottom?"


Yes, even 4 year olds can manipulate. :) After a sharp scolding from me to both kids, the Girl follows me around until she can pin me down and give me a long hug. As my heart melting, she runs off to brag the following to the boy: "See? Now Mom isn't mad at me and I can do whatever I want!"


My children have been taught that the expression "Duh" is disrespectful and not to be said in the house. The other day, I was asking The Girl a question with a painfully obvious answer. I saw her pull her shirt over her mouth and then she looked at me like she had just done something wrong. Then she says, "I really, really needed to say 'DUH" but I didn't want you to hear me."


I really wish my 8 year old said some lighthearted, silly things these days, but you know when you are in 3rd grade, life. is. serious. Maybe one day...


The Sugar Plum Boutique said...

How can you keep a straight face during all this? I have laughed so hard - I can see her in my mind doing all of this. Love you all

Nana said...

Love her heart. Poor wyatt doesn't stand a chance, but to be honest, she is a LOT like you!!