Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Oh, Happy Craft Day!

So, this morning The Boy had to have two of his baby teeth removed in order to make room for the gigantic adult teeth trying to push their way in. Since the roots were in no way prepared to come out, he got a sedation medication, a dose of laughing gas and 2 shots of Novocaine. All went off well and he spent the afternoon mending at home. Since The Girl was in school today, I had the luxury of spending the afternoon catching up on some of my crafts. I like to make signs. I talked about one of them here. And these are the ones I made today!
I LOVE this sweet little bathroom sign. I can't decide if I am keeping it or selling it.

This sign is for a new crafting center I am putting together for the kids.

This sign is going in the kitchen basket I am making a basket auction at The Boy's school.

I made this star a while ago, but finally got around to sealing it up. It is going up for sale!

And as a little extra because I have not shared it before, here is the sign I made for our dining room a while ago.

I just love crafty days!!!

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