Thursday, February 7, 2008

Enough already

I am sick and tired of comments like "They had one kid with autism. Why didn't they stop?" or "They should never have had another child." First off, a lot of people have no idea that anything is wrong with their child until they are older and already have siblings. And second--whose business is it anyway? Are you really going to tell me that my girl does not deserve to live because her older brother has Asperger's? What a crock. Not only is that stupid, but it is basically saying my son should never have been born and for that--shame on you!

No, no one has said this to me personally, but I was following the blog of a family with 6 autistic children. It is shocking and insane what some people are telling them. More than one person has had the gall to say they should have been sterilized. Sick.

Autism is not a curse--it is a way of life. Does it shake you to your core? yes. Can you overcome it? yes. Does every parent face challenges parenting? aw hell yes!

So, shut up everybody and keep your ignorant opinions to yourself. If you are going to be a turd-go lay in the yard!

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