Monday, March 10, 2008

10 Things on My Mind

1) Upcoming Spring Break Trip--I want a vacation! I want to hit the road and have some fun! I want to make sure we eat at the highest rated restaurants and hit the museums at just the right time so that we make the most of it. Long gone are the trips where we just go and explore without an agenda or game plan. Desperate must plan. Desperate must know what to do when just so she can semi enjoy the trip.
2) Making schedules for work--I am in the middle of 3rd quarter work schedules for other supervisors. When I first volunteered for this honor, I only organized the schedule of three people--myself included. Now, I must get 13 people to get along and pretend to be happy. I simply cannot please everyone and gave up trying a long time ago.
3) My filthy house--MUST SPRING CLEAN! I have been the Night of the Living Dead around here. Why in the hell is it so hard for me to stay on top of it all? I have no idea. I have no idea why there is juice splashed across the hallway walls. I have no clue how that bread crust got in the couch. Oh--there is mold growing in the back of the fridge? At least it is contained in tupperware.
4)Meat--Desperate is a vegetarian. But 1/2 of my family is not. I am worried about their consumption of hormones, steroids, preservatives, dyes and antibiotics through something that is supposed to be healthy for them. Google is my friend. MUST FIND HEALTHY FOOD FOR MY FAMILY!
5)My Neighbors--My neighbor is Cousin Eddie from National Lampoons Vacation. Desperate has decided that fictional characters sometimes do come to life and move next door to her. In the past Cousin Eddie has raised free roaming chickens, brought home 9 dogs--4 in and 5 out and not cleaned up the poop, let his grass grow to about calf height before cutting it with his 20 year old lawn mower while dressed in his wife beater and puffing his cig, and let us not forget--placed his green sectional sofa on his back porch as a bed for his 5 outside dogs who promptly ripped it to tiny shreads. But now--now he is really freaking me out. Cousin Eddie has taken to starring out his window--brazenly watching everything we do. He has a lot of time on his hands. Did I mention he was fired from McDonald's for stealing food? Yeah--he fed it to his dogs.
6)The Boy and Ms. Drama--Our struggles at school continue to some degree. The Boy has been doing better in terms of his behavior, but all of those reports and studies we have been waiting for over the past few months are starting to come in. Last week we had one that studied his focus and behavior. Ms. Drama said some very scathing things about me and our home life--unsubstantiated and very biased opinions and they made it into an official report! Just disgusting!
7) Lost--Desperate is totally intrigued by Lost this season. They are really mixing it up and making it so clever. Last couple of seasons were good, but man--this one leaves me salivating for more episodes! Why is Desmond so important to this entire story? Why was Jack addicted to pain pills? He seemed fine when he first got off the island. Why does Kate have Aaron? Do the people who stay behind die? Who the heck was in the coffin? I am guessing Michael. What is Smokey and what the hell is up with Jacob anyway?
8)My mail--I need to go get my mail. I'll be right back. Ok that is better. I actually got a rug inside my mailbox. I mean, I ordered a rug--just a small one for my front door, but I never expected to find it inside my mailbox.
9)Sleep--I miss that hour...Sure, I like having an hour at night to hang out in daylight, but I really love that hour in the am too! I could move to AZ....
10)Silence--Desperate is desperate for quiet. Time to just be in the moment and notice the little things we miss everyday. Like the sound of my breath or the different chirps of birds outside. I would like to pay more attention to my children's laughs rather than their fusses. I want to be able to pay attention to life as it is happening right now and accept it as it is right now.

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